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Compassion Center privacy policy in Adobe PDF format:

Privacy Policy

Registration Forms:

If you are new to Compassion Center, please download and complete the NEW Registration packet. If you are already a Compassion Center patient, download and complete the RENEWAL Registration packet.

These packets include:


  • Registration Instructions
    This document explains the process of registering with Compassion Center and explains all associated fees.
  • Clinic Registration
    This document is the first page of the Compassion Center Clinic Registration packet.
  • Medical History
    This document will show the Compassion Center medical staff your medical history and is only required and included in the packet for NEW patients
  • Release of Information
    This document gives the Compassion Center medical staff the ability to obtain your medical records from your primary care physician or specialist(s). If you see a VA doctor, please download the VA Release of Information form below.
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
    This notice describes is required by law and describes how medical information may be used and disclosed and how can get access to it.

Download Release of Information for VA Patients (PDF)

(updated Feb 20, 2015)


Release of Information for VA Patients


Download Patient/Grower Agreement (PDF)


Patient and Designated Primary Caregiver/Grower Agreement form

Information Related to the OMMP

Download Fact Sheet (PDF)

Advisory Committee on Medical Marijuana Citizen Fact Sheet.

Medical Marijuana Position Statement


OMMP Handbook

OMMP Application Packet

OMMP Change Request Form

OMMP official website